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Construction Site Managers: The Career For You?

13 May 2015

Recent news reports have highlighted encouraging growth in the British construction industry, with the sector expanding at the fastest rate for years. This is leading to a rise in construction wages, with figures released by the Office of National Statistics in June showing average wages across the construction industry hitting a five-year high.

For anyone considering entering the construction industry as a graduate or via a career change, or planning to change specialisms within the industry, one of the best careers is that of construction site manager.

What Does The Job Involve?

A construction site manager, also known as a site agent, is responsible for supervising and directing all operations on a construction project. It involves ensuring that project deadlines are met while maintaining strict safety standards and keeping within budget. Duties typically include liaising with architects and surveyors, planning work schedules, hiring staff and monitoring all aspects of a project as it progresses, including quality checking.

Site managers are the main point of contact for clients, the public and subcontractors as well as working closely with the site workforce. Senior site managers are sometimes required to oversee several different projects at the same time or given responsibility for other site managers who are responsible for specific areas within a large project.

What Are Typical Pay Rates And Hours?

Average wages for a site manager range from £27-£45,000 a year in the UK, depending on location, but can be as high as £75,000 a year. Contract site managers typically earn £20-£25 an hour, with higher rates on international contract jobs. A five day, 40-hour week is usual, although the job often requires some weekend or evening work as well as time spent travelling between sites.

What Do I Need To Become A Site Manager?

A foundation degree or HNC/HND in a related subject such as building studies, surveying, civil engineering or construction management is usually required, although those with many years of experience in the industry may be considered without this. Site managers need to have excellent people skills, be good at problem solving and decision making and have good maths and IT skills.

If you have the necessary qualifications and background to take on this rewarding and satisfying role, there is a great selection of job listings on our website at; just enter Site Manager in the keyword search box. Alternatively, contact us via phone or online contact form and benefit from the in-depth knowledge and experience that PSR Solutions has as construction sector recruitment specialists.
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