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Dancing from the West End into recruitment

16 Aug 2017

Choosing to change your career is never easy but in my latest blog post I aim to show how anything is possible no matter where you’re coming from in your career…

From an early age, my first love was always dance. Studying classical ballet, tap and jazz under the tutelage of Prima Ballerina Mme Bartell intensively for 15 years, I have a broad range of performance credits nationally and internationally including the Royal Albert Hall and Her Majesty’s Theatre. I’ve gone on to teach ballet and tap to aspiring youngsters with the same passion as myself for rhythm, movement and performance.

So how on earth did I end up sitting in an office specialising in recruiting staff to the construction industry in the Midlands?

Aside from the fact that no one can dance forever (except maybe the clockwork ones in jewellery boxes), there are many similarities between my professional life on stage and at the Academy with that of running a busy recruitment desk at PSR.

Just as there are no two stage performances the same, every time I meet a new candidate or recruit for a new role, each experience is different.  Meeting, and interviewing, new people is a big part of my job now as is presenting to my team in the office – so I definitely feel similar feelings to performing there and still feel that adrenalin buzz sometimes.

When I hear one of my candidates has been offered a role I’ve lined up for them, I honestly feel the same rush of excitement as I do when I’m about to head out on stage.  I have a real sense of achievement that I have played a significant role in changing their life.

There’s nothing more challenging than having to problem solve in front of a live audience, on the spot, as I’ve experienced in my dance life (unfortunately for my nerves!) so I can say that this has stood me in really good stead for dealing with almost any eventuality as a busy recruiter and it has helped me to stay calm and focussed in the face of a crisis.

Yes, changing career can be daunting, but there is always something you can take from your past experience that you can build on and use as a stepping stone up.

I needed bucket loads of self-confidence as a stage performer so I’ve been able to draw on this in my new career, especially in those early days when I was the new girl in the office trying to convince the boss he’d chosen the right person for this job!

As a dance teacher, I’ve learned to spot when people are nervous – this has become an invaluable skill to have as a recruiter. Any recruiter will tell you that even the most qualified and experienced candidate can lose it all in interview due to nerves and blow their chance of landing their dream job. I’m able to help candidates manage their nerves, so that they give their very best performance any client would be proud of and hopefully give a resounding encore in the form of a job offer!

I’m currently recruiting for quantity surveyor jobs in the east Midlands but if you’d like to discuss any of our latest construction jobs call me on 01785 715505 or you can message me, send your CV or if you have a vacancy to fill you can send me your job brief, I’d love to hear from you.

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