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Level 2 BIM Certification

25 May 2016

Last month saw the official date that Level 2 BIM became a mandatory requirement for all centrally procured Government contracts. Level 2 BIM enables construction projects to be significantly smarter, digitally enabled and have the potential to save 20% or more in costs.

We have looked previously at the elements of the four levels of BIM and how they are revolutionising the construction industry, some of the core benefits of the new mandate are:

  • Better control of overall project costs
  • Quicker processes
  • Greater efficiencies
  • Minimised errors
  • Less on-site waste
  • A shorter deliver time
  • Fewer lost time injuries
  • Increased productivity
  • Removal some project uncertainties
  • Improved environmental data
  • Fewer remedial costs
  • Win more Government contracts
  • Meet Level 2 BIM criteria

Advantages of acquiring Level 2 BIM Certification

As BIM now plays such a significant role within the built environment, as a construction professional, obtaining Level 2 BIM certification from one of the nationally recognised training providers may give your career and promotion prospects a boost. Several of the key industry bodies such as CIOB, RICS and the Bre Academy all offer Level 2 BIM accreditation. Just some of the advantages of becoming Level 2 BIM qualified are:-

  • Being able to clearly identify the business case for BIM
  • Being able to identify how BIM improves performance, efficiency and productivity
  • Having a career advantage over peers without certification
  • The opportunity to be registered online as BIM certified
  • Being able to respond to EIRs and prepare a BIM plan
  • Being able to improve the safety on projects
  • Increase your employability and salary as client increasingly request BIM qualified personnel
  • Provide confidence to clients that you are implementing industry standard criteria

As a busy construction recruitment agency we are beginning to see more and more requirements from clients that certain candidates are BIM experienced therefore any competitive advantage that jobseekers can add to their portfolio will only add fuel to their success.

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