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NPS Survey 3 – Sustaining Success

30 May 2017
Posted by: Luke Hough

PSR started their internal customer focus strategy 9 months ago using the system ‘Net Promoter Score’. The system sets out to actively approach existing PSR customers to ensure that our service levels are reflective of the businesses goals / mission statement. We feel that by gaining valuable insights into our customers’ wants, we can make informed business decisions in the hope of staying the recruiter of choice for the construction industry. Find out more on my previous blogs: PSR Customer Charter and Customer Charter Update.

Survey 3’s results are in and I am pleased to announce that we have achieved another ‘excellent’ score of 79!

This is another fantastic achievement for the team and shows that since our initial drive to increase our customer satisfaction, it is now steadying at 80… This is something the team can be proud of.

We have noticed a considerable drop in detractors since survey 1 showing that the process we have in place for dealing with recommendations is resulting in many more positive customer experiences with the PSR brand!

Survey 1

Survey 3

Our next mission will be to reduce the percentage of passives within the PSR community… Watch this space!

Top 3 PSR traits our customers love:

  • Frequency of communication set by the customer.
  • No hassle, honest service.
  • First class payroll system.

Moving forward…

Now that NPS has been successfully implemented, PSR will look to fine tune our analysis of the data, providing our team with more valuable information in making our recruitment solution as seamless as possible.

Next quarter we will be using our full 12 months of data to form an appraisal of our customer service standards to work with throughout this financial year.

If you would like any more information about our Customer Charter or are interested in exploring any opportunities that we have available, please contact one of our team on: Midland - 01785 715505 / London – 0203 800 0050.

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