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PSR Clients Use HQ for Interviews

03 Jul 2018

PSR offers flexible ways of providing services to clients and candidates at the interview stage.

Conducting interviews on neutral ground can often reduce the apprehension of candidates being questioned and promote a better flow, which allows all parties to better understand each others expectations and conclude in a mutually beneficial place.

PSR’s specialist Civil Engineering consultant, Lucy Hornby invited valued client, Anthony Brown (VolkerLaser), to use PSR’s facilities to conduct a day of interviews, to ensure the right candidate is selected, first time.

Anthony Brown was impressed with the first-class facilities that PSR had to offer. Brown from VolkerLaser was also able to enhanced his selection from valuable candidate feedback that Lucy Hornby provided, such as candidate cultural fit and suitability for the role. This second opinion offered by the PSR team gave clients a more complete view on their recruitment strategy due to the wide range of high-quality and driven candidates that PSR as a business has built over the last 12 years.

The aid provided for candidates with their PSR representative present, allowed candidates to minimise their nerves and make clients aware of personal attributes that will positively impact organisational objectives. One of the candidates that attended the interview (with a twist) commented that it was "good to have a familiar face in the room" to instantly break the ice and enhance the relationship between prospective candidates and the clients we serve.

Interested in using our office space? Speak with your PSR representative today or visit the contact us page.