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PSR launches Employee Relations Committee (ERC) to further enhance our award-winning culture.

27 Feb 2018
Posted by: Jo Sandy

In order for PSR to maintain its success and continue business growth, each office needs to remain true to the PSR values and collectively work together to solidify an already strong work culture. Our leadership team recognise the importance of giving employees the opportunity to become involved in matters affecting their jobs, place of work and future direction of the business.

It is the responsibility of the Managing Director, together with HR, to show that the company’s philosophy is fully supported, part of which is to support the success of the ERC.

The main objectives of the committee are:

  • Enhance the employee voice through a collective channel
  • Capture the views of the team relating to their work environment
  • Increase awareness of the Business and our vision for the future
  • Continue to work closely with the local communities

In achieving our objectives, PSR trust that we:

  • Continue to live our values
  • Continue to build on employment engagement
  • Remain competitive with employees’ suggestions and feedback
  • Employee concerns are addressed in a timely manner

Following the first committee meeting, HR Manager, Joanne Sandy commented  Fantastic start to the ERC with the team firstly electing a chair person before discussing nominations and choosing the winner of our annual ‘Living the Values’ award.

Our employees are fundamental to the success of PSR and as we continue to grow we need to ensure that the employee voice continues to be heard.  PSR is built on a culture which is transparent, respectful and engaging and the committee will assist in keeping this alive.

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