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PSR's latest Net Promoter Scores are in

17 Jan 2017
Posted by: Luke Hough

Customer Charter Update

After launching the PSR Customer Charter last quarter, the Aftercare team has been busy sifting through all the feedback received and analysing the results.

The Net Promoter Score, which we use to measure customer satisfaction, ranges from (–100 to 100+). Anything in the minus range needs improving, anything positive is good and anything above 50 is considered ‘excellent’.

With an ‘excellent’ NPS score of 59 at the last time of measuring, we made it our mission to push for a score of 65 by listening to all recommendations.

As a result of our consistent hard work to deliver a first class service, our response rate increased by 5.9%. Fantastic news as we can see that the message of our customer service efforts is being received.

4 Key Promises

The 4 Key Promises above serve as the backbone of our Customer Charter and offer Clients and Candidates alike a minimum service level they can expect from every PSR employee.

This time we have smashed our target of 65 with a massive score of 81!

Please take a minute to have a look at our top bits of feedback above.

We did not expect/ predict a score this high, however, by listening to those we do business with and offering a tailored recruitment solution based on customer preferences, we have been able to successfully deliver a ‘customer focussed’ service.

Top 3 PSR traits our Candidates love

  • Job/ career path insights for candidates from consultants’ knowledge of industry

  • The reliable communication between Recruiter & Candidate

  • Understanding individual candidate needs – tailored service

We would like to formally thank all PSR employees for making this happen and especially those who work with PSR and continue to shape our business every day to remain your recruiter of choice.

If you would like any more information about our Customer Charter or are interested in exploring any opportunities that we have available, please contact one of our team on 01785 715505.

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