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PSR's Net Promoter Scores are in

19 Oct 2016
Posted by: Luke Hough

PSR is yet again, ‘Leading the way in construction recruitment’…

Thanks to a fantastic year from the team, the PSR community now has over 11,000 members on LinkedIn alone!

This makes it clear that those we work with like to hear from the team that consistently deliver high quality levels of service. So we decided to take this one step further by dedicating ourselves to transparency and offering clients and candidates four key promises that the whole PSR team will continue to work by.

Our Promises

The idea behind this is to maintain and build upon the long-term relationships that we currently hold in the construction industry whilst appealing to those not familiar with the PSR brand by offering a transparent recruitment solution to strengthen the relationship between the Candidate, Recruiter and Client using the Net Promoter Score system.

Net Promoter Score

We asked clients and candidates to give us some genuine feedback on the level of service that they received from our team so that we could celebrate and praise those excelling in customer service satisfaction, as well as identify areas that the whole team can develop in order to stay your recruiter of choice.

We send out a shortquarterly questionnaire asking:

- Would you recommend PSR to a colleague or friend? 0-10
- Why did you rate us as you did?

This allowed anyone that deals/ has dealt with PSR previously the chance to have their say!

NPS is measured from the responses we receive and broken down as below.

  • ·-100 – 0 = Poor
  • 0 – 50 = Good
  • 50 – 100 = Excellent

The Results

From our first ever sendout, we achieved a NPS score of 59 from our candidates. This is an ‘excellent’ score and one we are proud to share with the industry. Below we have detailed just three of the fantastic pieces of feedback we have received.

Of course, all of this positive feedback is brilliant, but without individuals who express their recommendations, PSR would not be able to evolve itself into a more tailored and adaptable team. We will be taking all feedback on board and preparing for an even more positive result in the next 3 months.

Using this method, we can make ‘customer focused’, strategic business decisions to improve the level of service that we offer you. Please support our quest to change the perception of recruiters in the world and hit that like and follow button on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Thank you to those that have taken part already.

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