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The Hidden Gems behind our Buildings

07 Sep 2016
Posted by: David Berks

Whilst not many people outside of the Facilities Management industry are aware of the roles and responsibilities of a Facilities Manager, it is no coincidence that without their expertise, our places of work, transport systems, leisure and retail outlets would simply cease to exist!

What is Facilities Management?

Facilities Management (FM) is a general term that can apply to many professionals within the sector as the ongoing demands and array of responsibilities increase within the field.  Consider that each and every building that surrounds us is entirely unique based on the purpose it serves. The integrated management of the essential facilities at every work place and their required supporting services, allow almost every organisation to provide an environment that enables it to achieve its primary objective.

Behind the scenes are the Facilities Managers, the hidden gems associated with our physical structures, who are busy forecasting capital expenditure, dispatching a reactive maintenance team or sub-contracting a fix to equipment or addresssing building issues, implementing new PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) servicing contracts or amending the rota of domestic cleaning staff… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The role of the recruitment agency

It is becoming increasingly essential to rely on a recruitment agency to get things right when it comes to the extensive remit of Facilities Management.  It can become extremely complex for a company to spec out the role of the Facilities Manager they require simply because the criteria is so wide-ranging.

To succeed within the FM world, a manager requires self-motivation, organisation skills, the ability to work as a team, buildings knowledge and management experience, in addition to an array of additonal skills which will depend on the client’s individual wants and needs. At PSR Solutions we understand the value of finding that hidden gem for every company. We obtain a detailed brief of what exactly is required by the recruiting organisation so as to find the very best candidate match possible. Of course, it's fine to find somebody to do the job, but we believe it is far more advantageous in the long-run to source the right people who will do this complex role justice. FM recruitment should be done by industry experts with field experience and who understand the importance of finding that hidden gem to keep the cogs turning at the backbone of your business.

For further information on Facilities Management jobs or for assistance in FM recruiting please e-mail Sam Norton.

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