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‘To my clients and candidates, I’m back!’

30 Apr 2019
Posted by: Joni Spittle

Life is a pitch and guess what I am pitching at you (again!). It has been a while since we spoke last, after an 11-month maternity break, I have returned to the office! It’s been a hectic year, one which has seen me get married and give birth to a beautiful baby girl, Olivia, who is currently staring at me with her big brown eyes whilst I write this.

Plenty has happened in my absence; the last 12 months has seen the formation of PSR Trades. The division has seen major changes, as when I left in March 2018 it was only me and Joni.  Now I am straight back into my new role as Resource Manager and it is a team of 10! Wow, what a transformation! Our Team consists of 4 Account Managers and Trades Director Max Holloway, who brings with him 15 years of experience. They are your “go at it” people, they visit sites, gain new business and maintain relationships with our clients. The other side of the PSR Trades brand is my playground, the Resource Team, consisting of 3 fantastic people who resource the perfect high calibre candidates for you, and me as their manager.

There are so many construction recruitment agencies out there, so what makes PSR Trades different?

Before I answer your question, let me tell you, I can be considered a recruitment dinosaur! I have been working in labour provision since 2005 and I have had the pleasure of dealing with various sales people. I have heard great sales pitches and some not so great.

If you expect me to wow you with a car salesperson style of a chat, that is not me and that is not what I do. I would like to prove myself to you by providing an excellent service, but I do not really want to brag about it. Following PSR’s Core Values, I pride myself on my strong client relationships which I have built and maintained throughout the years. Respect, transparency and experience to name a few.

So, as you already know I am quite an old school recruiter and I have been around for over 14 years and in that time have met thousands of interesting people on my career path. Some of you only briefly, some of you are still working for PSR on sites across the country and many of you called me after finding out that I have returned to work to say welcome back. I am proud to say that I am surrounded by some lovely, hardworking and thoughtful people in my work life.

Before my maternity leave, one of the sites I place for all chipped in and bought me a baby monitor, which has now got its proud spot in Olivia’s bedroom.

I absolutely adore you and some of you are even my personal friends. For the past 5 years since I joined PSR, I have learned about people’s food allergies, biscuit preferences, drink choice, family situations and history, their party tricks, religious believes, friendships, relationships and many many more... Throughout the years, many of them have moved between various construction companies and projects, but they always call me if they need help with staff. Many of them refer their good workers to me, which always helps and makes my job just a wee bit easier – we old school recruiters love a referral! Some of my lovely clients even trust me enough to refer their family members to me – including a mother in law last year.

I am 38 years old this year, this is my passion and my career. I am in recruitment and with PSR for the long run. I can guarantee you that if you call my office number next year when you have a job requirement, or you just need a catch up, you will hear my friendly voice and I will listen to you, ask questions and try my best to help you.

I will work with you by giving you updates, making sure that we both communicate and are happy with our achievements. I will work with you to ensure that you have the staff you need to support you on this project and your next. If anything goes wrong, myself and my team will do everything in our power to make things right and communicate with you.

I think I have already taken up too much of your time. I am writing this on my day off work, so don’t worry, your workers will be with you on site on Monday. Kristiana, Tanith and Dan will be on their phones at 7am, making sure that they are out of their beds and checking them in for you when they arrive on your site. When I get to the office they will be already be at their desks resourcing the best candidates. I look forward to working with you. You know where I am!

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