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Top Five Interview Questions

30 May 2012

Listed below is the top five interview questions which reveal everything about a candidate; therefore this is the perfect chance for interviewees and interviewers to brush up on their interview techniques and in the case of the person being interviewed, give the best impression of themselves.

Question One: Tell Me A Little Bit About Yourself?

This is the perfect opportunity to highlight your skills and experience; it also gives you the chance to showcase your personality. It’s important to remember that the employer is looking for someone who matches their criteria, therefore make sure you make a list of what they want and align your experience and skills alongside these. Remember to be short and concise because you don’t want to bore the interview panel.

Question Two: From What You Know About the Company & The Role, How Do you Feel You Would Contribute?

If you’ve done your research, now is the perfect time to boast about it. Mention what skills and experience you would use to perform each individual task. Although it’s good to stick to their job description, try to use your initiative and company research to come up with ideas for how you could help the business progress in a different area. Become indispensable and you’ll soon get the job in Birmingham you are after.

Question Three: What Are Your Two Greatest Weaknesses?

You need to be careful with this question – you don’t want to point out any really negative faults with yourself but then you need to demonstrate that you recognise your own faults and you have a plan to move forward.

Although you don’t want to say time management is a weakness, you could outline that ‘in my current position I have difficulty saying no to people and as a result end up staying late to finish work” going forward you could say that you ‘plan to prioritise the importance of peoples requests and say no when it’s something they could do themselves’.

This highlights the fact that you work hard and that you are willing to do more than the 9-5.00 routine; which is a good thing. The second weakness is harder to establish, and this is precisely why they ask it. There are many things you can choose but make sure you choose carefully.

Question Four: What Are Your Short Term & Long Term Goals?

This allows your prospective employers to get an insight into what motivates you and whether you are likely to stick with them or move on at the next career opportunity. With this in mind it’s important to be honest, outline what you want to achieve in life and what you feel you would gain from this job.

Question Five: What is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

This is a difficult question – do you choose an accomplishment in your personal or from your career? Getting the mix is sometimes difficult, however it’s important to choose something you are extremely proud of, as this will come across in your body language when you are being interviewed.

These are just the stereotypical questions you will be asked and the best advice we at PSR Solutions can offer is to prepare.
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