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Covid Marshall Course

GJC Risk Management Course for Covid 19 Marshalling Training

We have the pleasure of announcing this course which we believe will meet your needs for Marshalling Training which helps organisations work with current Covid 19 guidance.


GJC is a Health and Safety consultancy with over 15 years’ practical experience helping organisations across diverse business sectors to assess risks in their workplace, educate and train their staff regarding important Health, Safety and Environment practices, and deliver assessment and audit to ensure safe working and full legal compliance.

We understand that H&S is often seen as an imposition to business and so we seek to work in a supportive way... Working with you to help safe and compliant working processes become the standard. Rather than our work being done “to” your colleagues we seek to work collaboratively. We bring a strong appreciation of the commercial needs of your organisation and never lose sight that our job is to enable your people, not to hold them back.

We are trusted to support a number of organisations in many different industries, such as Rutherford Health, Xercise4Less and Lincoln College. Our key instructor Graham Cowan has many years experience working in the Health and Safety sector.

The Course

This course will be a two part online session, with some “homework” between the two. The sessions will be delivered “live” online to allow a genuine ability to react directly to delegates specific and unique situations.

 In part one we will

  • Look at key guidance and understand the what’s and why’s relating to our own organisations.
  • An overview of current guidance and legislation and seeing how it applies to our own organisations.
  • Begin to look at key areas for new rules such as staff work areas, customer areas and process for working practices.
  • We will set some tasks for delegates to put into place in advance of the second session. During the second session we will
  • Assess understanding of delegates.
  • Answer specific questions for individuals and organisations.
  • Ensure understanding of all key processes to allow delegates to return and “hit the ground running”.
  • Seek to award a “certificate of understanding” based on engagement and input from the delegates.

The sessions will be practical and fast paced, will give delegates the opportunity to ask questions and confirm pragmatic understanding and will ensure that all delegates are able to return to their work places and begin to “install” the new processes. All of the training will be in line with HSE advice.

Both sessions will have a maximum number of delegates of 12 people to ensure that we can work with specific queries from individuals.

Unlike externally accredited sessions, this course will be awarding a certificate of understanding, based on attendance, input, questions and answers from each delegate.

If you are interested in this course, then please contact PSR's Group Development Manager, Abdul Mozzamdar on 01785 715 505 or email