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John Bruns

Phone number: 0121 651 1651
Mobile number: 07845 986 256
Job title: Account Manager
United Kingdom

I’m a professional and straight-talking individual that has been lucky enough to visit some amazing places in the world. I lived in Saudi Arabia until I was 5 years old and have visited such places as the Middle East, South Africa and West Indies since then. I love experiencing and learning about different cultures. In my spare time I like playing rugby and golf and believe sport in general to be a huge character builder and integrator into an area/social group. Helps develop transferrable soft skills for anyone at any age.

Graduated from university of Manchester in 2016 and have since been assisting in the management of my family’s canal boat rental company, Oxford. That experience has really helped to develop my interpersonal skills in a customer facing role. It gave me the opportunity to understand and put into practice the skills and requirements of running a small business.  I now want to undertake a new challenge where I can continue to develop and hopefully in turn help the development of others.

At PSR, we specialise in Construction Recruitment. The fundamental reason for our existence and inspiration behind our company is to match the best talent with the right job. Our strategically placed nationwide offices allow us to fully service some of the biggest contractors in the industry while maintaining a tailored service.