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Things change and they change fast. In construction, in recruitment and in life in general. In the past the old ways of finding jobs - and indeed the people to fill them - was very different to modern day recruitment.

At PSR we pride ourselves on not just keeping up with change, but always staying ahead of the market to provide excellent service in recruitment.

Change is guaranteed in life and if you don’t embrace it you’ll be left behind while the rest of the world moves on. In the words of 1980s icon Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” This fun, seemingly throwaway comment (if you haven’t seen the film, you really should!) is most often used as an excuse to slow down. At PSR we think it’s a great mantra for embracing life and excellence - we rarely slow down!

Nine months ago, we launched NPS scoring into the business. NPS is most commonly used in retail services. So why NPS for us? We want our clients and candidates to value our service and everything that we do for them. We want to maintain our reputation and success whilst growing our business, which can be tricky. For us, choosing NPS was a deliberate move because it measures and records customer satisfaction between our business and candidates/ clients. An internationally recognised evaluation method, the NPS records how likely your customers, or clients, are to recommend you. In recruitment, which so heavily relies on building good relationships, we see this as an essential part of our role and success criteria as we grow.

We’re delighted that our customers - whether recruiter or job seeker, recognise our commitment to modern service-driven recruiting. According to our recent score, 80% of customers would recommend us. While this is great news, it’s not a reason to stand still. We’re working hard on that remaining 20% and the NPS can help us work out where gaps may be.

At PSR quality of service, communication, depth of relationships and industry knowledge form the pillars of successful recruitment. On top of this service, contact and availability are what takes recruiters like us into the modern day, making a real difference to recruiter and candidate alike.


We know that people are more connected than ever. With LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media channels, the lines of traditional communication and work/play relationships have been blurred. More than ever good communication with a client, a company, a candidate or boss, means you’re likely to recommend them to a friend. Similarly, a bad experience - and one shared on Facebook and other social channels - can lead to bad PR and ultimately to a reduction in standards of both recruiters and candidates.

Our LinkedIn page has over 13,000 members spanning various cross-industry groups. Sharing vacancies this way enables people to pass on opportunities quickly and easily to friends or colleagues and stay up to date with changes around our industry. Industry-relevant news and updates are a useful way of sharing best in class practises with potential clients. Adding NPS to our workflow means that satisfied customers will promote those best practises and news alerts.

Our NPS score shows us that our customers value our approach with the most important elements being:

• Frequency of communication set by the customer
• A no hassle, honest service
• Our first-class payroll system


Recruitment is no longer a 9am - 5pm industry. Both candidates and recruiting clients have commitments that must be met and businesses increasingly operate in different time zones and countries. Evenings and early mornings are instrumental in recruitment and our flexibility is key (as is the ability to send an email with a discreet headline!).

Personalised job alerts and regular emails are all part of the PSR service, but we offer so much more than that. We’re not just about placing people into jobs and ticking boxes. We're about the cultural fit, the aspirations - and even your hobbies. Well, you want to join a bunch of like-minded people (or at least a few of them!) if you’re going to spend hours of your day being with them. So, we like to know what makes you tick. And it’s pretty useful if we know that you like to throw yourself around a racetrack at the weekend, or if you like to do triathlons all summer long. You never know, we might find you a place with its own cycling team, company football team, running club - or a strange fascination with The Great British Bake Off! Yes, really.

The modern recruiter is an adviser, a good listener and a creative thinker. Because anyone can tick a box and as we’ve seen too often lately, ticking boxes doesn’t always give us the solution we expected. Reaching our clients and candidates where they are - be that online, on social media, on the bus or train, on their lunch break - is vital. Only then can the relationship building begin and the recommendations grow.

Our award-winning construction permanent and temporary recruitment specialists are committed to helping each of our candidates find their dream job. Contact us in confidence, register or send us your CV and let’s get started.

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