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Making the switch from Permanent to Freelance is not an easy career choice. Freelancers can face an inconsistent cash flow if no new role is lined up prior to completing their current job. However, the potential to earn more and work when you wish can make the switch very appealing. 

From 2001 to 2017, there has been a 51% increase in the number of Freelancers in the UK (Office of National Statistics) showing that more and more businesses are turning to Freelance personnel instead of the commitment of hiring permanent team members. This figure is only set to rise amidst the Brexit uncertainty as more and more employers put emphasis on the hiring of quality Freelance staff in their 2019/2020 recruitment strategy.

Working on a permanent basis for a lot of people is ideal; a set working rota, a set salary and a secure working position. Temporary roles don’t offer the same security, however there are benefits to switching:

Being your own boss – You have full control of how you work, when you work and who you work for. If circumstances allow, Freelancers can take extended periods of leave to enjoy some down-time.

You choose what projects you want to work on – Freelancer’s never face the problem of working on the projects they don’t want to work on, they can pick and choose whichever projects they like, resulting in a more positive and happier attitude towards the work they produce. 

Potential to earn more – Freelancers typically get paid more! Quantity Surveyors, who are in high demand at present, can earn up to 40% more as Freelancers. It’s clear to see why many capitalise on the industry skill shortage we are faced with.


The United Kingdom’s uncertainty with the future of Brexit and how the exit from the EU will leave the state of the UK economy is of most concern. 

What happens after we leave? What will stay the same? Will we even leave? These are just a few of the common question being asked and it’s having a major impact on business’ behaviours.

Data firm Markit reported that its construction PMI (see graph below), which tracks activity, fell to just 50.6 in January, down from 52.8 in December. It’s the weakest reading since March 2018 (when bad weather made it difficult for builders to work)

This uncertainty has shown a loss of appetite among clients to sign on new work, which has consequently contributed “to the slowest expansion of employment numbers for two-and- a-half years”. (Photograph from Markit)


Overseen by Freelance Director Jovan Marcetic, we have a strong team across our national network of offices to assist candidates, new and current, in finding the correct role, for the ideal amount of time, and for the right rate.

Across our five offices, we have consultants supporting our Freelance workforce in BuildCivil EngineeringRailResidentialM&ETrades & LabourArchitecture and Engineering, giving our candidates peace of mind with PSR’s continued support and assistance with queries.

PSR offers competitive rates on its freelance vacancies and its specialist consultants will continually provide support and advice to its freelance candidates throughout their time working with PSR, whether this be long or short-term.

If you are looking for freelance work, get in contact with us here.


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