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In the fast-paced world of social media and online connections, construction industries and individuals, both clients and construction candidates have a plethora of ways to get in touch, raise their profiles and find opportunities together. How can you cut through the noise and find quality people for your business?

Years ago, recruitment was based on who you knew and who was in the right place at the right time. Whilst finding the right people at the right time is still important, how can you be sure that they really are right for you and your business? Where can you find the best candidates and, importantly, how can they find you? And is just finding them enough? Not really.


Of course, LinkedIn and Twitter et al are all part of today’s portfolio of recruitment resources, but there still remains an element of trust and knowledge that using a specialist recruitment agency can offer. Whilst it is vital to make the most of social media in gathering information about a candidate, for example memberships of relevant industry bodies or projects, there is much that you cannot gather online.

At PSR we have spent years getting to know both candidates and clients in our specialist industries and boast extensive industry networks as a result. Where a general recruiter may spot some talent, we’re highly likely to know where they are in their career, whether they’re looking to move (or might be persuaded to) and what kind of company would be the best fit for them. If you’re looking for a specialist role, we have a huge bank of candidates to talk to - plus of course we know their networks, too. And they’re now easier than ever to reach thanks to the power of digital communications.


While we can find the talent for your business, will the talent find you online? The first port of call for any potential employee is your website and if it’s basic, or lacking any credible content, then you’ll struggle to persuade them that your role is worth exploring. It’s worth taking the time to ensure that candidates feel as excited about your business and work as possible. Showcasing your projects, case studies and existing employees online can be a huge boost to your attractiveness as an employer.

It’s easy to feel daunted by myriad media channels, blogs and vlogs that are out there, but it needn’t cost a fortune - or be hard to get onboard with this kind of content. An informal, yet genuine, employee interview can be worth its weight in gold if they happen to mention their passion for a similar cause, or rave about the staff events (yes, these things matter!). Similarly, a potential candidate browsing LinkedIn may come across an exciting case study and consider a move purely on the success of a project. It can be so simple.  For clients, that potential candidate on LinkedIn has numerous friends and colleagues, each with their own network. Have they endorsed anyone, who is sitting alongside in the ‘also viewed’ bar? What online networks are they part of? And crucially, have you given them a piece of content that they want to share, like, or comment on? That’s when the reach grows and the networks really come into force. What can you offer that will resonate with potential candidates and employees?


Of course, if a business is creating news and content on social media it’s vital that they are ready to respond to queries, for example on Twitter or Facebook messenger. There’s little point in mounting an attractive PR campaign for new jobs, if no-one responds. Candidates are tech-savvy and increasingly using direct search for their next role, so it’s important for your business to have a profile that they candidates can find - and that they will find an affinity with easily. You must be ready to meet them out there, online, on social, wherever they are.

PSR actively uses social media, in addition to our extensive industry knowledge and excellent relationships. For us, one complements the other. We know when people are looking for roles and we also know when our silent prospects, or passive candidates, might be ready for a change. And we also advise construction firms on how to improve their chances of attracting the best talent by promoting their organisational culture, their success and their aspirations. It’s increasingly true that it’s there, online, where candidates will research their perfect match. whether you are there to be that match is up to you.

Our award-winning construction permanent and temporary recruitment specialists are committed to helping each of our clients and candidates find the best possible match. Contact us in confidence to get started.

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