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Just like that, another End of Year Conference has been and gone and once again it’s another opportunity where we have recognised and rewarded those that have overachieved in the past twelve months.

The setting for our 2019 End of Year Conference was the stunning Belfry Hotel & Resort in Sutton Coldfield, which has had the honour of hosting the highly popular Ryder Cup tournament on four occasions, making it the perfect location to celebrate and recognise our staff’s achievements over the year gone by.

Following the meet and greets and a light-hearted round of crazy golf, I opened this year’s conference with a clip from Jim Collins, an Author & Lecturer on business, who would speak about three theories throughout the conference; productive paranoia, empirical creativity and fanatic discipline. These three theories by Collins are working methods we encourage all team members to implement into their work at PSR.

This year’s theme was ‘Great by Choice’. In 2008 when the recession hit, we had to do things differently at PSR, which meant change. The change resulted in PSR growing through what was an uncertain time for businesses across the globe, and 11 years on from when the recession hit, PSR is stronger than ever.

This strong business presence was reiterated by our Group Development Director David Berks, and Operations Director John Berks. Once we had presented our business update, it was time to begin recognising those overachievers in the business in our Oscars style awards ceremony.

Year on year we like to have entertainment just before our awards and this year was no different. To what we’ve had in previous years, the entertainment was a lot more upbeat and energetic, which really got the staff pumped and ready for what was a rousing atmosphere. Who would have thought it, a trio of beatboxers?! Amazing.

With the scene now set, the awards giving commenced. It was evident by the emotion, the gratitude and sometimes shock displayed by the various winners that we have fostered an incredible culture across the PSR Group and a real togetherness with our staff and the targets we have set to achieve in the short and long-term.

The final award of the evening was Employee of the year, the award everyone wants to win. A thoroughly deserved winner of Matt Pascall took home the award this year, and in his speech, addressed those young or new to recruitment in the business. Matt spoke about how a career change just over five years ago from Police Officer to Recruiter was a huge switch. However, he went on to say: ‘with some hard work and dedication, any of you can achieve big’. An impacting and motivational speech to everyone, but more so for those coming through the ranks.

Here was some of the feedback from our staff about the Conference:

Throughout the ceremony and after, it was ever-present the appreciation and energy shown by staff towards PSR. Their hard work and commitment will ever be rewarded.

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