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If you are serious about landing your perfect career job, knowing how to pitch your achievements and aspirations is crucial.  Whether you are sitting in front of an interview panel or talking to people at a career expo, having the ability to sell yourself perfectly at the drop of a hat is a hugely powerful weapon to have.  Think about it, do you have the perfect personal pitch if we were to give you 30 seconds to sell yourself right now? It’s hard isn’t it? Read on to learn 4 key steps to a pitch-perfect you!

  1. What should your personal pitch achieve?

    A personal pitch is essentially a succinct introduction to your skillset, your character, your vision and what you stand for. A lot of people never think about perfecting their personal pitch which means that if you do it right, you will be the candidate they remember. If you have an outline pitch ready, this will ensure you are prepared for any situation, a job opportunity could arise when you least expect it. Not only this, but an outline pitch will give you an excellent boost of confidence when you are attending industry events, networking events, and graduate interviews. Going through the process of creating a personal pitch will really help you to think about how you see yourself as, as well as how future employers might perceive you.

  2. Does your personal pitch make an instant impact?

    The best personal pitches make an instant impact. You may have heard the term ‘elevator pitch’ or ‘social pitch’ before, and this is something you should consider when putting your pitch together. Imagine you stepped into the Dragon’s Den arena and you were faced with a person that could change your career drastically and for the better. You only have a very short amount of time to deliver your personal pitch, so how you make that big impression and ensure that he or she wants to hear more is key.

  3. Content is king

    When an interviewer asks a candidate to tell them about themselves, this does not mean that they want to hear their life story. The best pitches are those that contain around 75 per cent on work history and academic history, the rest on real-life examples of overcoming challenges or ideas on how to impact the future. Zoom in on a couple of experiences that demonstrate the skills, personality traits, and experience the employer is looking for. Round off your pitch by explaining the reason you wish to work for the business in question is because it fits with your experience and future direction. 

  4. Practice makes perfect

It’s true, practice makes perfect, and this is most definitely the case when it comes to personal pitches. If you have not practiced your pitch, you will not be able to deliver it in a confident and natural manner or have a real feel for the time it takes to deliver. Some experts advise the pitch should be 15-30 seconds long, others say a minute – either way, you’ll only have time for two or three key points so make them memorable! Then, practice as many times as possible so as it becomes second nature.

If you have a great personal pitch – we’d love to hear it. If not, our specialist recruiters can help.

PSR’s award-winning construction recruitment specialists are committed to helping each of our candidates find their dream job. Contact us in confidence, or send us your CV and let’s get started.

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