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Quantity surveying is a rewarding and diverse job, regularly in high demand from many different industries. Quantity surveyors operate in a variety of sectors from building to civil engineering, monitoring and evaluation, and property related construction. As a quantity surveyor, you are a highly trained professional offering expert advice to the team you are working with. You are integral to the overall project for several reasons.

Money matters

Fundamentally, a quantity surveyor is an expert in the art of costing a building at all its stages, figuring out the cost of a construction project and then keeping track of the this throughout the process before calculating the final cost at the end. This is a job role that no successful project can take place without.

A quantity surveyor is often employed by either an end user or a cost consultancy to reduce the cost of, and spending on, the project, or by a main contractor or specialist subcontractor to maximise the profit margin. As a quantity surveyor, you have to be rigorous in your costing and succinct in your explanation. You don’t want to limit a project but at the same time you have to ensure that the project adheres to the budget that you have set. It is your job to ensure that the value for money is balanced with meeting quality standards and regulations, making the project as cost-effective as possible.

Management expertise

Not only are you taking charge of the costs of the project but you also may become part of the management team, offering advice, preparation and analysis as and when the team needs it. You should maintain awareness of the different building contracts in use, as well as commercially managing the project. It will be the quantity surveyor on the team who has a wide-ranging and detailed knowledge of the various intricate aspects of the industry, from statutory building regulations to commercial risk assessment, working with both the client and the contractor to ensure a successful project.

Maximise teamwork

It will also be the quantity surveyor who is navigating both the on and off-site requirements, handling everything effectively so that the rest of the team can each get on with, and flourish in, their individual roles. Quantity surveyors often work alongside other surveying professionals such as civil engineers and architects. It is the quantity surveyors, however, who will often be the creative thinkers, taking an innovative approach to solving the problems that arise. As a result, they are essential to the seamless functioning of the project.

Expand knowledge

As a career path, the quantity surveyor is constantly developing and maintaining professional competencies throughout their career, something that is vital for their own progression. It also means that they can become a knowledgeable sounding board for advice.

It falls to the quantity surveyor on the team to write clear and precise reports of each project as well as relating complex information in a simple way. They translate everything that is happening, from the costs to the materials and the people, into concise and clarified reports that every member of the team will be able to understand. The quantity surveyor is integral to the cohesiveness of the team.

As a quantity surveyor, you start out as a trainee or graduate and proceed to take part in a structured training programme, allowing you to progress to management on site or at a head office. Once you have become a chartered quantity surveyor, you can also choose whether to work across a broad range of disciplines, or to specialise in a certain area and develop an in-depth knowledge of that particular field. You have the choice to work wherever, and however, suits you best. A quantity surveyor is a challenging, dynamic and exciting role. While qualifying takes time and consistent training, you will be integral to whatever team you end up working on.

As a PSR Quantity Surveyor, you’ll have the opportunity to work on large-scale projects for some of the biggest names in residential, educational, commercial and industrial contracting and construction. We can help you take the step from Assistant to Quantity Surveyor and up again to Senior level, with opportunities all over the UK.


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