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Making an irresistible job offer

The importance of attracting and retaining the best talent for your organisation cannot be ignored. Your employees are the backbone of your company, so a rash hire is only going to result in additional admin, cost and suffering to your company.  Making an irresistible job offer means that the candidate you really want is more likely to accept your job offer over a competitor.

But what IS a good job offer? Read on to discover our advice on securing your best hire by making an irresistible job offer your preferred candidate won’t be able to refuse.

Act quickly
There is only one place to begin, and that is by acting fast. If you have interviewed a candidate who you believe is perfect for the job, you need to offer them the role as soon as possible. If you wait around, you could end up losing this applicant to another company. Not only is it important to act quickly in terms of beating off the competition, but it is also important because it shows the candidate how much you want them to join your business.

Highlight the benefits and features of working for your company
You also need to make sure you show how your company is a good match for the candidate’s lifestyle, personality and career aspirations. Make sure your candidate knows how great they will feel when they work with you. There are several ways you can make your business stand out from the crowd. This includes your company culture, reward schemes, team recognition, personal development, product development, innovations, and cutting-edge opportunities.

Offer a competitive package
In addition to the points that have already been mentioned, there is no denying the most obvious way of attracting the cream of the crop is to offer a competitive salary. Most candidates are not willing to undersell themselves so make sure your offer is enticing enough.

Provide additional benefits and perks to make your business stand out
Try to offer your candidate additional benefits and perks that they may not get with other employers. Incentives you could offer include generous commission structure, bonuses, and shares. Other options might be to offer flexible working, i.e. the opportunity to work from home when required. This will appeal to those who value their work/life balance, especially parents. There are many different options to consider when it comes to perks, and some of them can offer benefits to your business as well as the candidate. Consider training and development plans and mentorships to appeal to those wishing to take their career forward.

Follow up in writing as soon as possible
The fifth and final thing you need to do is make sure you follow up in writing as soon as possible after your initial verbal offer. The sooner you do this, the better. The contract you put together should include all relevant information including job title, description, starting salary, company working guidelines, job location, and benefits.

By following this advice you’ll be on the right track to providing an irresistible job offer; after all, the job interview process is a two-way street. Whilst it is clear you need to find someone that ticks all your boxes, it is just as important to make sure that you show your business in the best possible light too. That way, you will attract, and more importantly, retain the best staff to drive your business forward.

If you have any other tips on how your organisation attracts top talent, let is know over on LinkedInTwitterInstagramYouTube or Facebook.


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