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Well – what a year! Making the decision to move from the stability of a job you love, into the unknown is a scary thing. You can research your new company on the web, visit Companies House to understand their financials, attend numerous interviews and stalk their employees on LinkedIn – but you never quite know if you are being sold the dream or down the river.

Gut instinct was the only tool I had at my disposal, that and the fact that by passively looking for a new job I was surely subconsciously ready to move on. Time to make the pros and cons list!

Pros won; location, salary, larger organisation… but still, at the back of my mind I did not want to leave my current place of work where my boss and friend had given me a role when I really needed one. It felt like I was being unfaithful, is that the right turn of phrase?

In March 2016 I sat nervously in Costa and tendered my notice, through a lot of tears. In April 2016, I joined PSR.


Same but different. I thought having worked in recruitment for 16 years and within the same sector for 3, that the transition would be easy. However, the learning curve was still huge. I had a very restrictive covenant. I was now in a lively office with 10 times the personnel. Back working freelance after years of perm recruitment. Clients I knew but couldn’t work with. New clients I didn’t know and a daunting database. I did have an oracle of a manager who knew the industry like the back of her hand, but I only had 4 weeks of her time before maternity leave came a calling! What had I done!! I remember my phrase of the moment was ‘trying to walk through sludge’

But hey, with all those shackles and hurdles, I got there, and am still getting there. I worked in new fields within the sector, built up new relationships, and slowly but surely my headcount grew.


As I look back now, I can say it’s been a fantastic year. I have surpassed my annual targets, earned a place on the sales incentive trip to Dublin, and now have 23 persons out working. I work 5 miles away from home, have flexible working hours and am being supported to complete my Level 4 in Recruitment Management. I’m also managing a Women in Construction LinkedIn group.

I guess as I reflect on the past year and look back at that decision in March, I can safely say – if you feel it’s time to move on, it probably is.

If you’re in construction and are interested in finding out more, contact one of our team. If you’re in recruitment and want to work for a great company, in arguably the best surroundings in Staffordshire (who else can boast their own break out room with pool table/ table tennis, Costa machine, Aga…) then just make that call or LinkedIn InMail – who knows where you will be in a year’s time?

Our award-winning construction permanent and temporary recruitment specialists are committed to helping each of our candidates find their dream job. Contact us in confidence, register or send us your CV and let’s get started.

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