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Starting a new job is a mixed bag of emotions; on the one hand it’s a really exciting time in your life and on the other, it can be a little daunting. Follow these top tips to get off to a flying start…

Starting a new job | PSR Solutions
Whatever the reason for you starting a new job, be it due to relocation, previous redundancy, career progression or career change, getting a few things right when you first start can make the process go without a hitch.

What to wear

It may sound obvious, but prepping your First Day outfit the night before will set you in the right frame of mind and also be one less thing to worry about when you’re in a rush in the morning and trying not to be late on your first day! Ensure whatever you choose is in keeping with the company’s culture, your position within the company and not too ‘over-the-top’.

Making the right impression

First thing’s first, people will make up their mind about you in minutes, possibly seconds! Make the right first impression both with your appearance and how you approach and react to people. Getting off on the wrong foot is much harder to undo when you’re new. This goes for whether you are entering your new role at a junior level or as a seasoned professional.

Set boundaries

It’s all too easy for people to take advantage of the ‘new boy/ girl’ and try to get them to do the jobs that their previous incumbent would not. Stand your ground and make it clear from the outset what you are on board to do and don’t make the mistake of giving away too much too soon.
If you are coming on board at management level, you may need to raise the bar, or lower it, depending on your objectives. If you’re asking people to do more, approach this area with care to avoid resentment from your new team before you have earned their trust.

Plan, Prepare and Prioritise

Get your new role off to a flying start by taking the time to plan goals and deadlines for yourself. This will ensure that you sail through your probationary period and will be in a position to accurately report back on your performance whenever your first review takes place. Take a proactive approach, which is often much easier when you first join a company as you have a fresh perspective on how things are done there.

Listen and Learn

It’s very tempting to want to tell everyone all about yourself and your experience as soon as you meet them, but taking care to listen during your first few days is vital to your gathering essential information about how the department runs, who runs it, what is important to the team and who does what. Remembering important information about colleagues will go a long way to helping you settle in quickly.

Be Adaptable

One of the top ten qualities interviewers look for in a candidate is evidence that they are adaptable. Now that you have secured the job, demonstrating this trait to your employer will show that you are keen to learn, develop and think on your feet.

Connect and Re-connect

Joining a new organisation is one of the best ways to grow your social media network, take the opportunity to connect with new colleagues and contacts within your new company and at the same time reconnect with previous colleagues and contacts to tell them about your new position. Now’s a great time to boost your recommendations on LinkedIn too!  

Make friends and be friendly

During your first few days introduce yourself to as many people as you can and briefly explain your role, ensuring people know who you are and what you do will make your job easier and help integrate you quickly with the team.

Learn the kitchen politics

Get to know the social side of the site as well such as where people go for lunch and what’s the kitchen etiquette, always check basics like whether the milk in the fridge is for communal use or not, you don’t want to be a milk thief on your first day!

Above all however, celebrate the fact that you successfully got through the interview process beating the competition and take pride in your new position.

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