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After Five Years with PSR, I thought I would write a few reflections on my recruitment journey so far.

I came into recruitment late after previously being a Project Manager for a local authority. Initially, I started in a non-sales role working on PSL tenders. I also helped develop PSR`s social media presence. I got to learn about the business and the various sectors. I also got to observe all the different teams and the consultants, and I thought to myself I could do that.  Quite simply I wanted to be in the game to experience the highs and lows, and to test myself against other people.

It was a big risk taking on KPI`s, sales targets and giving up a secure non-sales role, but I wanted the challenge and so I moved into consultant role

I soon found recruitment to be a competitive pursuit, another skill I had to master, something that can knock you down, but something you could get up from and become stronger.

I was lucky that I sat next to two of the best recruiters in the business, consultants who were top billers. I am a great believer that you become a product of your environment. You work with high performing people and their drive and motivation rubs off and helps you become better

The first year was hard. I used to drive into work thinking I was not going to make it, but gradually I began to make inroads. Slowly but surely, I got more candidates working for me and Clients would return my calls. 

My tips for new recruiters are, be resilient - you don`t make lots of money overnight. Don`t be afraid to make mistakes, but do not make the same mistake twice. Do not send bad candidates for a quick fix, they will come back to haunt you, good candidates open doors. Do not celebrate your wins too strongly or your losses too harshly, recruitment is about ups and downs. Try to improve your knowledge and your contacts every week and most of all support your colleagues. A smile and a few kind words make everyone feel better, the job is tough enough.

Seeing PSR grow into a national recruitment business makes me very proud. I remember talking to James Sanders when he started PSR and saying, you can get me a job one day and true to his word he did.

Now I may be older than most of the team, but I am still the number one squash and table tennis player in the office, much to the annoyance of the younger staff who try to beat me. My competitive drive keeps me going and although I may be slowing down sports wise, I can become a better recruiter. Let’s see what the next five years bring.

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