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Choosing the right recruiter to assist with your job seeking efforts should be one of your most important career decisions. This post covers how you can get the most mileage out of your relationship with your recruiter…

You will have heard people say that trying to find a job is a full-time job in itself. It really is! In today’s information saturated world it can sometimes feel like there are too many job sites, too many job ads and moreover, too much competition.

Yes, it does appear this way when you first start looking for a new job but one way to get around this is to enlist the services of a recruiter to filter out the ‘noise’ for you.  Step number one is to select the right recruiter, there are a lot of them out there, so making sure that you don’t just opt for the one you’ve seen advertised most on TV or seen in the paper is key. The right recruiter, for you, depends on your experience, your sector, your location and your character.

Finding the right job is in equal measures to finding the right employer and this is where enlisting the services of someone who is well connected within your industry really helps. Recruiters often hear of jobs before they’ve been advertised, or know that someone is due to leave a firm so can  guess when a position is going to become available, but crucially they’ll already have a relationship with key employers and an understanding of your particular niche.

Once you’ve found your ideal recruiter, there are a number of things you can do to drastically increase your chances of getting an interview and finding your dream job. Here’s what to do:-

Rewrite your CV

Recruiters see hundreds of CVs every month so a poorly presented one with spelling and grammar issues will not make the cut. A good recruiter will help tailor your CV to the job role you are interested in if necessary.

Don’t submit and sit

If you are going to email your CV to a recruiter or submit it via their website, don’t just ping it off and leave the rest to them. Follow up immediately with an introductory call to discuss your availability and skills. Follow up a week later and always if you submit an edit.

Sell yourself

As you won’t be the one talking to your potential employer, it is vital that you give your recruiter as much ammunition as possible to ensure that you stand head and shoulders above the rest for the role that you are after. The job world is hugely competitive and by providing your recruiter with as many reasons to consider you, you’ll be doing yourself and them a favour. If you are currently unemployed or have gaps in your CV then be prepared to have positive answers to back this up.

Keep track

As we said, job hunting is a full time job and you’ll potentially have many jobs that you’ve applied for and several recruiters who you are dealing with. Keep a log book of jobs applied for and contacts so that when a recruiter does call to talk about a job, you’re up to speed on which one it is and won’t waste anybody’s time.

Keep in touch

Recruiters are really busy people so if they have been unable to return your call never assume that it is because they have no jobs for you.Contact your recruiter through LinkedIn, email, by text – whichever way works. Getting your name and enthusiasm across will mean you’re at the forefront of your recruiter’s busy mind when the right job comes up (assuming you’re adequately qualified that is).

Research and plan

By doing some initial legwork yourself you’ll save time, win brownie points with your recruiter and get really focussed on what you want from your career. Research companies and positions you’d like to work for and cross reference these with your precise skill set and examples of how your experience to date could help you win those jobs.

Seek recommendations

Recruiters and employers will want to see references and recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. If you are out of work use this valuable time to reach out to your network and get as many (quality) recommendations as you can. People are very busy so it will help when asking for a recommendation if you tell them what job you’re hoping to go for and perhaps suggest an example when you demonstrated the necessary skills so that they can include those in the recommendation.

Be Seen

Playing a proactive role within your industry niche is a good way of showcasing your professionalism and thought-leadership. Participation in group discussions on LinkedIn, social media and industry forums will help increase your visibility amongst relevant recruiters, and possibly employers too, and help your recruiter sell you in. It will also help to ensure that you can easily be found and shows commitment to your career. 

Provide referrals

Once successful in your new post, assist your recruiter by providing referrals and keeping the conversation open to future collaboration.

It is also important to remember that the recruiter does not work for you, they act on behalf of their client who is their priority. This means that only if you are the best person for a particular role will you be considered. A good recruiter will work with you and ensure that you stand the very best chance of success once you are through to interview stage.

Our award-winning construction recruitment specialists would love to help you find your dream job. Contact us in confidence, register or send us your CV and let’s get started!

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