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Recruitment is one of the most rewarding careers we know - and we know a lot about careers! From temporary contracts, to permanent roles, projects or long-term contracts, matching employers with employees is superbly satisfying. So, what does it take to be part of a recruitment team?

Being a recruitment consultant is a fine blend of knowledge and skill, between a strong understanding of your industry and genuinely wanting to help people find the best job they can within it. It’s like the ultimate matchmaking task, but just a little bit more important than getting your two pals to that tricky second date. So, what skills are really important if you’re interested in a career as a recruitment consultant?


It’s all about ambition. Your ambition for your clients, candidates and, of course, yourself. PSR is a target driven business, with its own growth targets. To help the whole company achieve success, we work hard to develop our people, with everyone linked into their own development roadmap and benefitting from ongoing training from day one. We start off running and we never stand still.


It’s impossible to overstress (and too much of a cliché to say) that people skills are important in recruitment. We believe that people skills are everything in recruitment. Your nan was right when she said, “Two ears for listening, one mouth for talking”.  (Just our nan?). We make sure we listen to our clients and candidates and don’t presume a role could work for anyone, we take the time to find out. This always means meeting our clients in person and listening to their ambitions - and not just for their job, but for their life.


Recruitment is possibly the ultimate customer service role. You’re helping people with major life decisions - and choices that will affect future choices, too. So, no pressure! There are a few life changes that have a huge impact on wellbeing, happiness and success. And while you can’t directly affect the purchase of a new home, or the birth of a new baby, you can be the person that gives people back their Monday Mojo. It could be as easy as recommending a different salary package. It could be that a role may need some tweaking, or perhaps you think there’s an opportunity for a job-share that a client hasn’t yet considered. Getting creative gets results.


While you don't need a PhD in astrophysics to identify a great opportunity for your candidate, you do need to know whether their skills and their aspirations are the right fit for a role, or company. As your nan would say: you’ve got to know your onions (because no-one wants an onion pie when they’re expecting Bramley Apple.) We work with our teams to develop recruitment skills and industry certifications, so we’re never expecting Einstein levels of genius (although we do boast a few high IQs around the office!). What we really look for is a genuine level of interest and the desire to learn.


Recruitment can be fast-paced and super-exciting. But it also takes negotiation and compromise in equal measure. When a client is pushing for a decision and a candidate is hesitating, it’s your role as a recruiter to keep everyone on an even keel, moving forward. It may take time, you may lose this placement, but integrity is more important to us than a fast turnover. When in doubt, keeping positive and keeping going is key. Reputations can be lost as quickly as they are created, yet integrity is always recognised and remembered.  


Recruitment is not a career for the socially awkward. While we use social media to search and connect with potential candidates, we don’t hide behind it. Picking up the phone and talking to a candidate or client about their life, their needs and aspirations is where strong relationships start and end. Of course, if those relationships end up 10 years down the line, on social media, or with celebratory drinks, then that’s testament to your success, too. We’re all for that, as long as we’re all invited. Make ours a double.

Our award-winning construction permanent and temporary recruitment specialists are committed to helping each of our candidates find their dream job. Contact us in confidence, register or send us your CV and let’s get started.

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