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Practical tips for your next career steps if you’ve been put on redundancy notice. 

It’s the letter from the boss that we all dread; that which contains a redundancy notice with you as the addressee.

According to data released today by the Office for National Statistics, 4 in 1000 employees were made redundant in Q4/Q1 of 2016/2017 (Dec 2016 – Feb 2017).

So, if the worst does happen to you, what steps can you take to safeguard your immediate financial situation and your ongoing career?

1.    Don't panic

There’s no denying that whenever you first hear the words redundancy and you’re the target, you will most likely feel shocked, disappointed and possibly panicked. However, let that feeling go as fast as you can and focus on a robust plan of action that will see you and your loved ones ride this situation out with minimal disruption.

2.    Don't be afraid to share the news

Many people fear going home to break redundancy news to loved ones however these are the very people you need to tell first. Loved ones will be able to support you and will also need to be reassured that you have a plan of action in place that means all will be well, if not a little turbulent for a while.

3.    Review your finances

With the prospect of reduced finances coming in, planning for potential hardships ahead is a must. Pull together a detailed budget plan, try this free budget planner from Money Saving Expert.

4.    Sign-on

You won’t be able to sign-on whilst you are still being paid but as soon as you stop receiving your salary from your employer, sign-on to receive Jobseeker’s Allowance.

5.    Make a career plan

Make it an absolute priority to put a clear plan of action in place to find your next job. Set times of the day where you will research available opportunities, rewrite your CV, make calls to your recruiter and write applications. You’ve heard the expression finding a job is a full-time job… often this really is the case. If you don’t have a good recruiter on hand, do some research here to really make yourself, your skillset, your career desires and experience known in detail to a relevant recruiter in your field. We’ve written some valuable information on our blog about only working with one recruiterand this can really be beneficial in terms of securing the best job going forward. In addition, taking on a temporary contract to fill your employment gap could turn out to be the best move for your career.

6.    Every cloud

It’s easy to say, but try to uphold the outlook that every cloud has a silver lining. Throwing yourself back into the recruitment system will give you the opportunity to revaluate your career and the type of job you want, as well as providing valuable interviewing experience. The possibility of temporary work, as mentioned above, really can open some incredible career doors.
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