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Where We Obtain Your Personal Data

We obtain personal data relating to you:

  • Directly from you in the course of any communications between us; or

  • Indirectly from:

    • the Candidate who has nominated you as his or her Referee

    • oonline professional networking sites such as LinkedIn

    • your employer’s website and other industry-related websites

Types of Personal Data We Hold

We collect, store, and use the following categories of personal data about you:

  • Personal contact details such as name, title, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses;

  • Your job title and position within your employer; and

  • Any background information which you may provide to us in the course of your dealings with us.

W We do not collect, store or use any “special” or sensitive personal data if you are a Referee.

How We Use Your Personal Data

We use your personal data to:

  • Contact you to obtain a reference on a Candidate;

  • Provide a copy of the reference to our Client;

  • Comply with our legal obligations, defend or bring any legal proceedings and prevent fraud or any other crime.

Our Lawful Basis for Processing Your Personal Data

We have determined that we have a legitimate interest to process your personal data where you are a Referee, on the basis that we are generally required to obtain references to comply with our contractual obligations to third parties and, in some instances, we are under a legal obligation to do so. It is therefore necessary and reasonable for us to process personal data relating to you strictly for compliance with these obligations.

Parties with Whom We May Share Your Personal Data

We will share with our Clients the details of any reference which you give. We will usually provide your name, job title and employer name when doing so. In some circumstances and only when you have agreed to such disclosure, we will provide your contact details so that our Client may verify the reference or ask for further information. We will also share your personal data with Suppliers for legitimate business purposes.

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