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It’s no secret that digital technology has reshaped the way we live and work, and this digital revolution is only going to accelerate further in the years to come. Technology has become embedded in a variety of industries and it’s having a huge impact on facilities management. There are now more technological solutions than ever before, saving facilities managers time and resources. Cutting-edge innovations like smart digital devices can help facilities managers increase operational efficiency and create a more streamlined environment. However, research by This Week In FM has shown that around 71 per cent of FM leaders and managers are doubtful about the impact of technology. Nevertheless, a business must remain agile and open-minded when it comes to innovation. So, if you’re a firm looking to refresh your facilities strategies, take a look at our guide below on how smart technology will transform the future of facilities management.


In recent years, smart buildings have been gaining momentum and as the technology behind them becomes more advanced, there will no doubt be more possibilities for facilities management. One of the most well-known smart buildings is The Edge Building, based in Amsterdam – and one of its stand-out features is its super-efficient LED panels used across all the office spaces. But what does mean for facilities management? The rise of smart technology in buildings will provide facilities managers with a high level of automated control across a building. For example, smart building automation uses technology to optimise and control a building’s lighting, electrical and security systems. The benefits of building automation include reduced operational costs and increased energy efficiency, all of which can help FMs successfully manage their facilities.


AI-powered and automated cleaning technologies are among the new innovation on the rise in the world of facilities management. The future of facilities management is likely to incorporate more mobile technologies and smart devices that enable employees a higher degree of autonomy and flexibility. One of the main drivers of this will be automated cleaning, which are robotic devices that can automate certain tasks, such as floor cleaning and vacuuming. Many of these devices can collect key data over time, which facilities managers will be able to draw information to assist with their management. The key benefit of automated cleaning devices like robot vacuums is that they can remove human error, which can lead to happier tenants. As a facilities manager, you’ll be able to streamline the whole cleaning process and use data to make informed decisions, instead of relying on intuition.


With the increase of smart tools and devices, the future of facilities management is likely to be more collaborative. There are often multiple different departments dealing with facilities-related work, including the property team. As communication tools, data and reporting become more advanced in the future, there will be even more opportunities for collaboration of building and services management. This can lead to better results for the facilities due to combined expertise. Facilities management in the modern era isn’t just about maintaining buildings. It’s about helping the workforce and creating a space for productivity. There are now mobile workplace apps that collect valuable data about the employee experience, helping to improve and manage the facility. These kinds of smart technologies can help FMs determine whether or not their buildings need more space, or if space utilization can be improved.


At PSR, we specialise in the recruitment of Construction and Facilities Management sectors and have an excellent team of consultants with years of recruitment-led experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality expertise to both clients and candidates. Our team has access to a wide talent pool and can place candidates into various facilities management roles through the UK on a permanent and contractual basis. We believe it’s our focused approach on construction that enables us to retain a quality portfolio, as well as our desire to provide the best possible service. Our consultants are dedicated to assisting businesses with their recruitment. If you’re looking to secure a new role in facilities management, contact us to find out more.


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