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Launching a corporate social responsibility initiative without proper foresight is a huge risk because your program will be a public-facing endeavour with multiple stakeholders expecting your firm to follow-through. Strategic planning can ultimately reduce the possibility that your company will gain a reputation of too much talk but no action, which will eventually harm your bottom line.

​Our Build a Career experts have a wealth of experience where they can support you in formulating a ‘best in industry’ CSR plan.

Whether you have self-imposed or stake holder imposed Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, Build a Career is able to provide a full design and delivery model to meet and exceed your targets and goals.  We provide a full turnkey service and can support you from tender through to delivery.

The Benefits of CSR:

1. Improves customers’ perception, advocacy, engagement and trust towards your brand.

It is important for companies to have a socially conscious image that also represents who they are. Employees, stakeholders and consumers prioritize CSR when choosing a brand or company.

2. It attracts and retains employees.

It is important to note that the next generation of employees (Gen Z) seek out employers that are focused on: people, planet and revenue and an estimated 44% of millennials and 49% of Gen Zs depend on their personal ethics to determine the type of work and companies they would join.

3. It increases your appeal to investors.

By demonstrating a developed CSR program and initiative, your company is bound to become more appealing to both current and future investors.

4. Competitive advantage

CSR initiatives enhance a firm’s competitive advantage by influencing decisions of the firm’s stakeholders in its favour.


What we do:

Support with CSR / Section 106 / Skills and Employment Plans at tender stage and deliver upon KPI’s with support from our network of providers and stake holders which can include: 

  • Entry into employment schemes
  • Apprenticeship Completions
  • Ex- offender / ROTL recruitment
  • Ex-Services recruitment
  • Women into Construction
  • Care Leaver recruitment
  • Local labour
  • Apprenticeship Recruitment
  • Traineeships
  • Graduate Recruitment
  • Engaging with NEET candidates
  • School’s engagement and activities
  • 3rd Sector Engagement

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